Responding To A Rejection Letter In A Job Interview

By | January 9, 2018

After job interview

Sometimes the second- or even third-grade applicants manage to impress the hiring managers after sending their follow-up letters and those people get a job interview invitation at least. Remeber: if you are not sure that your writing skills will help you create an effective follow-up letter, turn to professionals – it might be your tutor, former coworker, or even a professional company. Make sure that you apply to the right person – search for the feedback first, consider the reviews of CV writing services and only after that make a decision.

How To Write The Follow-Ups

So, is there a way to give you another chance for the job? Sure, you just need to know how to write those follow-up letters. It is quite simple. All you need to do is to express your feelings, and thank the manager for the time allocated to you. Also, do not forget to show a big respect for the company you have been applying for.
A quite nice addition to that would be asking for the reason not to hire you, especially after the job interview. This way you will ease the job search process. This way you also show that you really want to learn and to progress. Those are the things the employers like a lot – use this trick if you want. With just those simple tips, you might be able to get yourself back in the game and, later on, find yourself working for that company.

In the example of a letter, we are going to show you the simple structure of the e-mail itself.

Hi, John,

Thanks for letting me know about the writer position in your company. While I am disappointed in myself being rejected, I really do appreciate your time spent on me.

I would also like to ask you for any constructive criticism, as this would really help me in the future to get better. Also, please let me know if there are any changes to the decision that was made. I would be more than happy to be interviewed again by you, and get a job next time, even as a freelancer.


Josh Miller

Sad enough, you are not always going to get a direct response to the letter you have just sent. It is OK, since this way you will know, that there is no way to get a job at this place, and you just need to focus on another opportunity and, let us be honest, waste your time. However, it is most likely that the manager will provide you with feedback. It is really important to take a lesson from this situation and accept the criticism to get better and get a job next time.

Do Not Give Up

Moreover, remember, that there always might be a chance to finally get that job. Things do change all the time, so do not turn down the chances that:

  • Somebody has just left the company, and they need a new person for that job;
  • The company decides to open two spots for that job instead of one;
  • The first candidate rejected the job opportunity or did not fit the company;
  • Some other circumstances make the company hire a new specialist.

After the letter, there is a really high chance that the HR-manager will be impressed by it. There is also an opportunity to get an offer for a part-time job or even a different spot in the same company. There have been situations when the HRs after some time re-contacted the employee and offered them the position.
So, however, you are angry and disappointed that you’ve got a rejection letter or the hirers didn’t call you at all, make sure to write a follow-up letter. Always remember that the rejection is a normal part of the hiring process and you cannot go further without this. Just take it as a lesson, get better, and keep moving on – if you are an enthusiastic and motivated person, you will surely succeed.

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