Secrets of a Successful Interview

By | January 12, 2017

Secrets of a Successful Interview: Expert Advice

How to dress, what to talk about, how to make contact, and other expert advice in the field of HR consulting

Sooner or later, each person faces the necessity to change a place of employment. And often, the most important and decisive step on the way to a coveted post is an interview. In order to help you successfully pass this “test,” our recruitment partner who works in the field of HR consulting and executive search for over 10 years has prepared some tips for you.
Any interview is a new experience that might be useful, even if you are not configured to change a job right now. This is an opportunity to evaluate yourself, make business contacts, realize that perhaps we stay too long on the present place of work, decide where to go next, and update a CV. By the way, Yourwriters will provide you with a qualified help when it comes to a curriculum vitae writing.

Search for Information

According to the famous aphorism, one who possesses info has control over the situation. This rule can be also applied to the interview. Therefore, before leading to the office, you should collect as much information about the firm as possible. The main points for you to discover are the following:

  • The person you will talk to: a recruitment manager, team lead, boss, or an ordinary employee;
  • the interview form (individual or group, self-presentation or QA);
  • dress code and things to be at hand (documents, portfolio, gadgets, so on);
  • map explaining how to get to the office (being late is unacceptable).

What is more, you can find even more information about the firm and the open position on the company website, which you also have to check before the interview. Enquire what the company is based on and what are its main products/ services provided.

What You Need to Know before the Interview

It is advisable to create a map of answers to the common questions. Although interviews may not be similar to each other, there is a set of general questions that are usually asked by recruitment mangers. Furthermore, many people have heard about “emotional” interviews with a stressful situation particularly created for the applicant to throw him off his stride. So be ready to such a scenario and maintain your reputation. Further, there are also case-interviews when the applicant is placed in certain circumstances (has to talk to a disgruntled customer) and should demonstrate how he addresses a problem.
Unfortunately, it is not always easy to discover what form of an interview is preferred in a certain firm, so you should be ready for all the scenarios. Just prepare the list with answers to common requests that are asked in almost all cases:

  • what are top five of your accomplishments;
  • what are the fields of your proficiency;
  • what is the direction of your professional self-development;
  • what is your work and life philosophy;
  • what are your long- and short-term objectives;
  • what unusual tasks have you dealt with. also mention that it is important to write down in advance those topics that you would like to discuss with the recruitment manager. Remember that HR’s are people who like everyone else pay attention to nonverbal signs: your facial expressions, walk, gestures, tone of voice, etc. Therefore, do your best to control your body language. This will help you to show yourself from the best side and get hired easily. All these tricks truly work and will help you pass any interview successfully!

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