Student Life Hacks: A Guide to Having a Successful College Life

By | July 28, 2017

Student LifeHacks

Stepping down from high school and setting foot on a university or school or even within the popular University-belts in the country may be exciting. But what most students struggle with as they enter the world of independence is how to succeed it. The grand shift may be intimidating but the thing is, it only takes a few study hacks and effort to make things possible. What they may be? Here’s a list to avoid the doom to take over your college life.

Live and Learn

While college may be stressful, there are a few things you should remind yourself. One, for instance, is the significance of every homework, seatwork, quiz, exam and most especially, the lessons. You can get them submitted on time, or you may have passed the exam – but the thing is, did you learn? All those lessons may sound boring, but its significance will always be useful. Do not force yourself to study instead, live in those moments and learn from them. All the good grades will come once you get to understand that college is not about studying – rather, learning.

Take Charge

Many freshmen have experienced culture shock when they set foot on a university. The reason being, college is very much different from high school. Professors wouldn’t wait at the classroom for you to submit your project, homework, quiz, or exam – you should have the initiative to submit it before the deadline. More so, it’s your responsibility to cope with missed homeworks or quizzes, hence always remember to approach your professor if you’ve missed a class due to illness. Take charge.

Choose your professors

What one should know as they enter college is not to settle with the standard freshmen class. As most often, it’s not the class that makes a student lose interest in the subject, it’s the person talking at the podium. Hence, before your class schedule’s finalized, take time to look for professors that will help you enjoy and engage in your classes; talk to a senior you know or stalk classes. Otherwise, you’ll struggle through the whole term.

Find a Study Space

It’s quite normal to see college students studying at a coffee shop or a rented space as studying can require much effort. More so, studying at your college dorm room is never a good idea due to particular distractions that cannot be avoided. Hence, to help you absorb all the lessons and ace your exams, find a good place to work at. Maybe the university library or a public library that has lightly used spaces you can occupy.

Avoid cutting classes

It’s one thing to party, it’s another to study. While most students would want to spend their college life the YOLO way – remind yourself not to skip a class. Some may say that “I’ve only skipped seven times for the whole term,” – but the thing is, that could equal to 20% of the content of your classes, and that could result to major damage on your exams. Especially that most college professors prefer to talk about the lesson, instead of noting them down.

Key Takeaway

Succeeding in college requires discipline, effort, and passion – three factors that often serves as the basis of your grades. More so, what you will learn from all those lessons depends on you – hence, follow these tips to secure a bright, successful college life.

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    Great tips for all of the incoming college freshmen. 🙂 Well-written article.

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    This is a very informative article in regards to having a successful college life. I’ll definitely take note of this and save this for my future reference. Keep up the great work Kathleen!

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      Hope my article works out for you Mr. Tristan! Thanks for dropping by.

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