How technology has changed education?

By | September 29, 2017

modern technology education system
Technology has totally changed our lives and it has also changed the scenario of a whole education system. Education has not changed the way it’s been centuries ago, but in the contemporary world; the education has become quite easy and understandable with logic and proves. A student doesn’t have to ask so many questions to the teacher which makes him irritating, now everyone has Internet and they can put the information on anything on the Internet and can get the answers easily. The scene may not have has changed yet, a lecturer still stands at the podium and the student are sitting in front of him and listen carefully what he is teaching them. Some students seem busy to listen to the lecture and many of them don’t bother and busy in making gossips with the fellows, and few out of all sleeping in the class room.

If everything is still the same, then how technology has changed the education. The modern technology has changed the education in a way that now students are staring at their laptops, pads and cell phones rather than sticking with the books during the lecture. Technology, in reality, has made easier the education as compared to the past because now we don’t have to spend hours and hours in a library. Students can search the books online and get them within no time and then can search topics which they require for studies.

The technology has changed the education in many profound ways. Now the access to education is very easy, but I would say within few clicks, you have all that you are looking for. In old times a book was rare and only for elites and the pore ones has to cover the long distance to get into education institutes. Now students have the huge amount of information in the shape of books, Internet, audios, and videos. Students can get admission online and get the certificates and degrees, in short technology have provided us unprecedented opportunities, thanks to the modern technology.
Technology has played its role to in-large the communication and cooperation level between the people of the world. Historically, in the classrooms, the cooperation between the students and teachers are quite impressive. The technology has made it possible through different instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp. They can share notes and books online through messengers and through other applications. There are plenty of apps for the education of young kids such as Math: super elite, magic spell ABC, English for child and Space by Tiny Bop. These applications are the best educational apps for pre-education young kids. Students can get access to the blogs related to scientists, their opinions and top stories about the region. They can ask direct questions to their idols and even can do email on their personal account and get feedback. They can talk with teachers and other people that have good names in the field of education. They can listen to their videos and also can talk via video conferences.

Technology has spared young kids to hold dozens of books on their shoulders. Now they can store all the books in single 1-inch and few grams flash drive and can store the educational data on their devices such as laptops, pads and cell phones. Technology also takes care of the data which they have stored on the gadgets through cloud computing or with the help of data backup apps. Young kids can enhance their communication level and can interact with the whole world by using the social media platforms. Students are enabled to discuss the group projects sitting in their homes and talking on group chats by using plenty of spy on instant messenger. In the modern age, no doubt the orthodox style of education still exists, where a teacher stands at a podium and give the lecture to the students. But there are plenty of things which have been changed over the years. The teacher doesn’t have to put hard effort on the students on each and every aspect of particular subject or topic. Students have to do the search on a topic and gathered information to understand the searched information. Students have to become more responsible and shift the energy to exploring things with the help of the modern technology. Schools and universities have been redesigned to accommodate to students new style or model of education, encourage more interaction within small groups with the help of modern technology tools.

Therefore, we can say that technology is the powerful set of tools which has changed the education system. It is easy for students and for the teachers to cooperate with each other in an effective way. Cyber space enables students and teachers to connect with each other through technology apps and devices. Education in the modern age is very effective and is available to everyone anytime anywhere in the world.

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  1. Tristan Chua

    Definitely agreeing with you that technology sure changed the way of how education works. It can lessen the time of our research especially with a lot of search engines out there. Anyways, thanks for sharing this.


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