How Has Technology Changed the Job Search Process

By | February 21, 2018

Job Search Process
Technology has changed a lot of aspects of our lives and a job search is not an exception. Do you remember the “help wanted” sign on the stores’ doors? Nowadays we would hardly notice it paying more attention to the job search applications in our smartphone. It is hard to say whether it is better or worse. Technology could either help you find the job easily or decrease your chances to get hired. It depends on how well you can make it work for you. Learn how technology changed the job search and how to use the innovations to get a job.

  1. Electronic Resume Format

The times when resumes were on papers are almost gone. Most companies receive resumes by email and do not even print them. Having your resume on paper is not that important anymore as having it in a correct electronic format. Make sure your document is easy to read on the computer screen and a company’s software could open your file. The application often informs whether you need to send it in PDF or Word format.

  1. Computer Scanning of the Resumes

When you write a resume, keep in mind that before it will be read by a person, it will go through a computer check. A lot of companies use computer scanning because of a large number of candidates. According to the expert resume writers from CV Writers Reviews list, the machines pay a lot of attention to the keywords in your resume. Use the keywords and phrases from a job description to help your resume pass the check of the scanners.

  1. Social Media and Google Presence

If three years ago writing a good resume was a key to getting hired, nowadays it is only a part of the job. Technology made it possible to find much more information about a candidate and hiring managers use this opportunity. Social media profiles become as important as a resume. Be sure that a recruiter will search you in Google even before he reads your resume. Make sure your online presence is sufficient and makes a good impression.

  1. Global Search of the Candidates

Before the technology made a job search worldwide, it was possible to find a job only locally or be ready for moving to another area. The technology allowed us to work remotely from any place where we have a stable internet connection. A lot of companies have colleagues in different cities and even countries. While searching for a job, be sure to check the vacancies in various locations to increase your chances to get hired.

  1. Video Interviews

Along with the rising popularity of remote work, video interviews become more and more common. Scheduling a real-life meeting might be difficult because of modern busy lifestyles and distance. A video interview is more effective and saves time. Do not be surprised if the employer will decide to meet you online. Make sure you have a webcam, good sound quality and nothing inappropriate is visible for the interlocutor.

  1. The Importance of Company Research

The technology gives us an opportunity to find a lot of information about the hiring company fast and easy. You do not have to look for old articles in the magazines and newspapers. The company’s website or blog could tell you about its goals, achievements, and employees. It is so easy that not doing a company research before the interview seems to be ignorant.

  1. Easy Reach to the Employer

Even if you did not get an invitation to the interview, the technology allows you to contact the company on social networks or by email. Reaching the employer has never been easier. You have a chance to impress the employer by your online portfolio, website, or social media profile. You could also check who posted the job application and who is a hiring manager. Checking and contacting your possible future colleagues is also possible thanks to technology.

Technology has changed a lot in the job search process. The main idea is still to find a vacancy you like and show the employer that you are the most suitable candidate. However, the techniques of reaching this goal have modified a lot. Use these new possibilities a new era is offering the candidates and make your job search more effective.

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