How has technology transformed the role of a teacher?

By | April 21, 2017

With the development of the technology, it is also developing those sectors which are using it. Since our education system started using it, the tech giants found great potential in the use of technology in education that is why they start making the education friendly technologies. The technology allowed the students to be more independent in the classrooms that affected the role of the teachers.

Technology, on the one hand, benefited the students a lot, but on the other side, it changed the role of teachers a lot too. According to a Finnish-Swiss-Belgian study, the technology has changed the role of the teachers from traditional teaching to just a facilitator who guides the students in what to study than how to study.
Everyone is agreed that technology has changed the role of teachers, but there is a debate about the nature of the change. Some people believes that this change is positive and some believe that it killed the essence of real teaching. In the next lines, we are going to discuss each and every argument that people make on the transformation of the role of teaching due to technology.

Fast Paced:

The technologies like the internet have made the teacher fast paced. Those days are gone when teachers used to wait for their scheduled class to teach the students any new topic. I provide cheap assignments for the college students. Nowadays teachers just share a URL link of any new thing that they read on any group of Facebook and Whatsapp. Teachers are now connected with the students through different social media platforms and they are helping the students in their assignments even on the weekends.

Using Multimedia:

Nowadays I hardly find any teacher who still uses white board or board markers. Every teacher has his PowerPoint slides which he uses in almost every class. Teachers are more interested in using video tutorials or audios to make the students understand the topic better. According to research, human mind stores more information when it uses more senses. Playing videos in the classrooms can help the students to use more senses and to learn the information better than ever.

Teachers are making their own videos:

Since people are more interested in learning from the YouTube video tutorials, professional teachers have started their own YouTube channels on which they give lessons in their field. From these videos, teachers are not only doing their own marketing, but they are also making handsome amount of money which they can never make in traditional teaching. Moreover, there are fewer responsibilities on them too by teaching people through videos. They don’t have to create any tests for the students, neither they have to proofread dozens of paper every day. It is a kind of freelancing job that is why they are not answerable to anyone.

Simplifying their Duties:

With the ever growing technologies, teachers are getting some tools through which they are simplifying their tasks as the professional teacher. There are many tools available on the internet through which they cannot only grade every student according to his ability but also can help them by recommending the things that they need to do to enhance their learning. Moreover, the teachers are now can contact the student regarding any assignment or lesson that he or she has taught in the school or college.
Teachers are now not only grading the students but also helping the students to get into a mainstream just by showing them the right platform to show their talent.

Are up to date:

In the time when every information is just a few clicks away from you, the demand for education has increased. This is why it has become important for the teachers to remain updated with everything happening in their field of interest. This is where the internet and many other sources of information helped the teachers to get their hands on all sorts of information and can use them in their classrooms.

Teachers are under observation:

Before the common use of technology, teachers were only judged by their senior teachers or the owners and admins of the school. But now because students are exposed to too much information, teachers have to be spot on in every area of their profession. They only can’t make any mistake in delivering the lesson but they also cannot afford any mishap in their class. Nowadays, it is very common on the YouTube and Facebook that every student makes the videos of his teacher doing awkward things in the class and make it viral on social media platforms.

Because of this teachers have to be more careful which is affecting their performance too. Teachers not only have to maintain their academic performances but also have to keep their behavior in check for all odd reasons.

Technology is going to replace the teachers:

With the increase in the use of technology in classrooms, the role of the teachers has slowly become just as the central part which is introducing the students to all those technologies. This introduction of technology to students are replacing some of their responsibilities. Moreover, schools prefer to hire those teachers who use technology in the classroom instead of those teachers who are still using the traditional teaching techniques. However, technology is the only option to teach children where educated people are very few, and other cannot reach those places to spread education there.

Students are getting fed-up with the traditional teaching methods:

The transformation from teachers to technology has become irrevocable. Students have become so accustomed to using the technologies like the tablet, VR, internet and other technologies in the classrooms that they demand these things from the teachers who does not even use any sort of technology in the classroom and still using traditional teaching methods to teach complicated issues to students.

Final Words:

The status of the teachers in our society is imperative, and it is very hard to imagine the world without teaching staff. But the way technology is developing and changing our means of education, the doom of the teaching looks very near. The impact of this is still unknown because both technology and teachers in the classrooms have their own importance however it is important for the schools and colleges to maintain the balance between both of these so the students can learn maximum things by using the services of teachers and technologies.

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