Tips From the Pros: How to Write Brilliant Application Essay 2017

By | January 19, 2017

How to write a good application essay

how to write application essay

Writing a great application process is definitely possible. Many have done it and many more will. You can be one of those individuals. All you have to do is allocate enough time and effort to the process and it’s done. Now we all know it is not as simple as that but that is basically the crux of the story. Your essay gives insight into who you are beyond your grades.
For those of you who need a little more of a breakdown, I list some top tips which will allow you to write a brilliant application essay.

Brainstorm first

Before you start the overwhelming thoughts of how you’re going to pull this off, start a brainstorming session. Think about what your strengths are and figure out how you will bring those across. You have to make yourself shine in your essay without sounding arrogant. Explore all your personality traits and highlight the good and the bad while trying to show why they are all important.

Get organised

Don’t you start writing while there is a mess of a desk creeping up on you. You want to clear your space in order to clear your mind. There are a few people who work well in an organised chaos situation. Don’t believe that you are one of those people. Get rid of the clutter and make sure you have all your tools available to start working. You don’t want to be searching the entire house for something half way through your writing.

Write your first draft

Do not feel discouraged when your first draft seems like a road to nowhere. When you’re writing the first draft, don’t stop to edit anything. Don’t look up the correct spelling for a word or question the grammar. You will find a grammar checker online later. For now, let the creative juices flow and write until your draft is complete. Question nothing and don’t stop. This should be your moto throughout your first draft.

Now check for mistakes – First round

Now that you have your first draft, look out for some simple mistakes. These can include anything you pick up at first glance. There will be another chance to search for those hidden errors. For now, correct as much as you can but don’t over stress it. This is just to help your second draft flow a bit better.

Time for your second draft

Now it’s time to bring some structure into your essay. You need to work on an introduction, body and conclusion. It is very important to read a few examples of great essays here. This will give you an idea of how to create a positive flow in your essay. Your introduction should grab the attention of the committee immediately. The idea is to intrigue them so much that they can’t resist reading the entire essay. Take them through a story of discovery.

Serious editing

We are a few steps away from the final draft so it’s time to get serious about this essay. This is the time when you look for tools like a semicolon checker and a paraphrase tool. You want to get rid of most, if not all, mistakes. There has been time and effort invested in this essay and it would be crazy if you’re not accepted because of spelling and grammar mistakes. Make sure your sentences are sophisticated and have a professional flow from one into the other.

Final draft

You have done all you can to get rid of any spelling errors and grammar mistakes. Now write your final draft. Don’t overthink it. Remember, you need to trust yourself here. The foundation has been laid and now you just brush up your essay. You do not want to change too much here. Just write your final draft and let it be.

Ask a friend

Before you submit your admission essay, ask a friend or family member to read through your final draft. An outside person might pick up some mistakes you missed. We are sometimes biased when it comes to our own work. Also, if you read something so many times, it start to sound right, even when it’s not.

After following a process of steps, it’s time to submit your essay. Believe that you have done enough and that you are enough. Once you submit your essay, you have to let go of all negative emotions. Sit back and wait for that call to interview.

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