What is Educational Research?

By | April 10, 2017

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As a student, teacher or in any other role related to education, you must have listened to the sentences like “evidence based practice” or “according to any research” thousands of time. This would have made you think about the relation of the word research and the education and what do such sentences really means. The following lines will be going to summarize all the important topics, concepts and ideas of research and education relationship.

What is Educational Research?

To establish research problem or issue of study, the cyclical process of steps begins that involves reviewing the literature, specifying a purpose of the study, collecting and analyzing data and forming the outlook of the data. This process then registered in the report, spread in the audience and practice and evaluate by the educational community. It is the systematic collection of data and analysis that relates to the field. This research may involve different aspects of student learning, teaching methods, teacher training etc. In the simple words, educational research is an approach that asks, answer and report to a question.
Why use it?

When the core agenda of educational research is asking questions and giving its answers, it can easily give the answers of the questions like why students prefer to dissertation help UK online. However, the core reasons for using educational research are given below.

Improve Practice:

According to the Creswell 2002 notes, research can suggest many ways that have been verified by many applications and by different types of people to improve people which the practitioners can never improve.

Add Knowledge:

Research increases the knowledge of the educationists. Research can tell us about the attitudes and behaviors of the process of the learning and also crafts the way how we can help them to make them learn better.

Gaps in Learning:

This is the educational research that is telling us that how the gap between online learning and traditional learning is reducing due to increase in the numbers of online education students. Moreover, the educational research also addresses the areas which are not common in the educational sector.

Verify the Findings:

The research is the only way to verify any claim or finding from any individual. Same way in the educations, educational research is the only way to verify any finding, claimed in the past.

Basic types of research:

Quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods, gets used to such complicated words if you want to know more about educational research. We can discuss these types of educational research but for now, stick on to their summarized forms. The summarized descriptions of the types of educational research are given below.

  1. Quantitative Research: this kind of research design is best for the questions which start with the “What” For example, what countries are best to get a degree in quantum physics?
  2. Qualitative Research: this type of research design is best for the questions that start with the “How” and “Why” For example, how India is going to earn $10 billion in the next few years from its online educational sector? Why are students choosing online education on the traditional education system even in the developed countries?
  3. Mixed Methods: as the name suggests, this type of research method is designed to address any question you can think of. Moreover, this method is best to answer these issues which cannot be answered easily with the numbers alone. For example, Consider the best way tp evaluate students achievements?

Final Word:

Educational research is the source of every development that we had seen in our education system. Either to make our traditional system better or introduce alternate educational systems like online education, all of such ideas are generated after the thorough research from the educational researches.



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Hollie Steele is a blogger, researcher, philanthropist and the educationalist. Since his PhD in the educational sciences he has been written many blogs and articles over education and the development of it.

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