What is STEM Education and is it Working?

By | January 9, 2018

Education takes different forms of diverse paths towards empowering skills to students with the aim of ensuring uplifting the social status. The various types of teaching arise as result of the environments around which the students grow vary with locations and time despite the goal remaining the same, to empower each.

Nonetheless, we have to appreciate the diversity that arises as a result of different curriculums since people from these different learning styles present a combined skilled labor force.

The STEM education system has unique features that define it as holistic learning system through which students acquire knowledge on different disciplines while maintaining high standards. The latter education system covers four subjects of learning through which students learn from kindergarten to the more senior learning institutions such as Washington University Seattle . The disciplines in the STEM system include;

a) Science
The science section of the stem education system revolves around educating students on the theoretical and practical aspects of science. Students who undertake this part of the curriculum end up becoming scientists, experimenting on theories, shortly with the right guidance from their teachers.
b) Technology
Technologically based studies involve the application of the principle of science into ways that benefit the society. This section in incorporates the results of the continuous scientific test and proven theories and the hands-on application of the argument.

c) Engineering
Engineering remains a highly regarded program among students such as the pa programs in Washington due to its required skill set and rewards. The engineering section involves applying the concepts of technology advancements and scientific revolutions to make milestones on the modern architecture of structure and machinery.

d) Mathematics
Knowledge in mathematics remains vital in all the aspects of the contemporary working man from its application. All applicable principles such as sciences and humanities studies like the physician assistant programs in washington rely heavily on mathematical concepts to give meaning to them.

Importantly, the STEM education system works towards combining all the three core aspects of its principles; science, technology, engineering, and mathematics when imparting knowledge to students. It remains critical to appreciate the fact that diversity exists in the education sector with the existence of curriculums such as the STEM system.

An increased labor force will be available to meet the increasing demands from the computing and manufacturing sectors of the economy.

Working of the STEM Education system
The STEM education has been in the United States for almost twenty-five years, and it meets much criticism and consent from people because of the following key features; a labor force that’s qualified and skilled.

Despite the introduction of the new skill-oriented education system, manufacturing companies still complain of hiring less qualified workers in their industries. The STEM system indeed produces qualified individuals although the number of students does not meet the current demand for the skilled worker.

From this fact, the STEM education system has not entirely worked since it has produced qualified individuals although not with the desired numbers for industries.

The STEM education system has tried to breach the gap between the availability of learning opportunities between girls and boys. Despite the increased entrance of both boys and girls into the STEM education curriculum girls still prefer softer sciences such as biology while boys choose engineering courses.

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