Why Should Colleges Encourage Sports

By | September 21, 2019

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As technology is developing each day, new and better devices are being developed. What most of the parents do is hand a mobile phone or tablet to the kid, so that they can do their work on time. It is a very wrong thing to do. The kids become addicted to such devices at a small age. It is important for them to not use such devices as it contains harmful radiations that can affect their brain and harm their eyes. Schools and parents should encourage their kids to go out and play. Playing outdoor games is important and has many mental and physical benefits.

Sports should be given the required importance. It should be made compulsory by the schools and colleges for students. A specific amount of time should be dedicated to this purpose. Along with this, students must also pay attention to their academics; they should complete their assignments and projects on time.

Why should colleges encourage sports

Here are some of the reasons, why colleges and schools should encourage sports among students.

1. Improves academic performance – Yes, that is true, sports can improve your academic performance. It is scientifically proved that sports refresh the mind and body of a person and the relationship between the two. Sports involve a lot of physical activities and these activities are essential for the physical growth of a person. Children need physical growth for the development of their bodies.
2. Helps to learn life skills – Life lessons like team building, team spirit, helping out one another, respect others, the difference between winning and losing, etc. are some of the lessons that children learn while playing sports. Sports are not just about winning and losing. It is about respecting others, being passionate about winning and not giving up if you lose.

3. Healthy lifestyle – Sports definitely promote a healthy lifestyle, as one has to do a lot of work out and practice, it helps in strengthening the body. It boosts cardiovascular endurance and makes a healthy heart. All the people who are in sports have to maintain their physique and in order to maintain it, it is necessary to exercise regularly. Exercise stimulates flexibility, maintains proper weight, decrease stress, etc. Hence, if it is made mandatory for students, then it will help them preserve a good lifestyle.

4. Healthy eating habits – If you eat unhealthy food, then keeping up with sports might not be possible. You would have seen in movies or news, all the sportsmen eat healthy food only; they stay away from junk and fried food, etc. Consuming junk food will not provide strength to the body. Whereas, strength and energy are two important elements required to be a sportsperson. Due to this reason, healthy food is consumed. If this made compulsory in the school, the authorities can help in promoting healthy eating habits to the students.
5. Physical growth – Sports not only helps a person in staying fit but also helps him or her in physical growth. It will be really beneficial for small kids. As kids are exposed to technology at a very small age, it has a negative impact on their health. They spend more time playing video games, rather than playing outdoor games. In order to prevent this, sports should be encouraged. It will help prevent obesity, eyesight damage, etc. at an early age in children.

6. Sports scholarship – If students are trained at the right age in the sports of their interest, then they can pursue their career in it. Also, they can get a scholarship on the basis of their talent. There are many colleges and universities that provide admission on the basis of sports. One can avail these scholarships both nationally and internationally. Hence, it will sport will also the students in their academic life by providing them a chance to be in their dream college with the help of sports scholarship.

These are some of the great benefits students can avail of if the sport is encouraged among them. The hectic of students does not allow them to do or pursue many activities. Hence, if a school or college encourages them to pursue a sport, then it will be fruitful for all the students. The schedule should be made such that they can also pursue their other tasks. Along with sports, the students must complete their homework and assignment on time. They can also ask someone for essay help Austrlia if they require assistance. By doing so, they can ensure good and higher grades and improve their overall academic performance.

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